Friday, April 22, 2011

Dave or Bust!

After 2 IM sessions, some facebook stalking and 3 phone conversations it was time to meet my first Jdate prospect, a “tax collector” from New Jersey!   By our last phone conversation, where we shared our love for the Yankees and their successes that season, I was confident that our date would exceed the standards of most first dates. 

We decide to meet at Inoteca, an Italian restaurant not far from my apartment that I really wanted to try.  When I pull up, I was pleasantly surprised that he looks better than his pictures and greet him with a hug "hello."  As I was about to step foot into the restaurant, he turns to me and says, "Actually, I thought we might grab a drink in Bryant Park instead?" Wow, total fake out!  I was pretty disappointed and should’ve spotted the “red flag,” but I decide to give him a second chance.  I take his arm and walk away from the restaurant, keeping my spirits high on what the night had yet to offer!

While the disappointment about the restaurant was still subsiding, my date takes me begrudgingly into the subway station.  If you know me (which he doesn’t), you know that I am not a huge fan of underground trains, especially not on a date!

Eventually, we make it to Grand Central Station in one piece and begin our journey to Bryant Park.  Upon reaching our destination, yet another disappointment, the bar in Bryant Park was closed!  At this point I’m tired, hungry and could really use a drink!  I take a deep breath and express these concerns politely to my date.  Of all places, the “tax collector” decides that we should go to Dave and Busters, a bar/arcade in the heart of Time Square.  This date was starting to feel like a never-ending tour bus around Manhattan!

At Dave and Busters, the place is a mob scene!  We sit down at the bar and glance at the TV screen to check the score of the Yankee game, it was the final game before the World Series.   The bartender comes by and I ask for a Bud Lite, my staple beer of choice…and the “tax collector” says, “I’ll have a water.”

Ohhh “tax collector,” are you kidding me?!  At this point, I could not wait to go home!  What did I get myself into?  Going on dates with strangers, who say they are going to take you to dinner and then drag you around the city and order water at the bar?  I must be nuts!

What other tricks did this guy have up his sleeve?  I couldn’t wait to find out!  He says, "I'll make you a deal, let's play a game.  If I win, we play another game, if you win, we can watch the Yankee game."

We head over to the basketball shootout.  I throw my first ball and my date knocks it away.  I throw again, and yep, sure enough, he knocks it away again.  So it looks like the “tax collector” has an ego problem as well!

We make our way over to the horse racing and I’m sure you can guess what happened next?!  Onto Guitar Hero, beat again!  The only decent thing the “tax collector” did all evening is win me a teddy bear!

We left shortly after and I was freakin starving!  My date mentions something about dinner on the Upper West Side..."no wait, not tonight, maybe Saturday night?"  At this point, I have had it.  I turn to the “tax collector,” and say, "you see that cab right there, I'm getting in it!" 

I went home, heated up something frozen from Trader Joe's and watched the Yankees make it to the World Series.  I never heard from the “tax collector” again and hope that you never encounter him either!

Lesson Learned:  Tax collectors do not have souls

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